Tip Tuesday: Are you taking advantage of Amazon Student?

  • Amazon Student entitles students to discounts including free one day delivery!
  • All you need is to sign up using your student email address.

IAmazon logof you haven’t heard already, if you’re a university student with an amazon account and a university email address ending in ac.uk then you qualify for Amazon Student. This service will be free to you for 6 months and after this, you can get 50% off an Amazon Prime subscription.

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Tip Tuesday: Are you checking expiry dates when you shop?

  • Are you wary of the expiry dates on food when you shop?
  • Are you making sure you’re selecting things that will last the longest and save you money?

Don’t you just hate it when you find that some of your groceries have gone off quicker than expected? Then you realise you bought something that went out of date the day after. The question is, are you checking the expiry dates on items when you buy?

Something my mum always taught me to do when food shopping was to pick items from the back of the shelf for longer expiry dates as the newer stock is put to the back. It may look a bit weird when I go shopping and I’m rummaging through packs of vegetables or the bread but when you’re budgeting, it really helps to make sure food isn’t going to waste because it’s gone off. I was thinking about this the other day when I was shopping and wondered if anyone else did and remembered a post by A Thrifty Mrs on the topic which she calls ‘back-shelfing. What I didn’t think about was picking beauty products from the back as well – the ones from the front are likely to have been used a few times so save yourself having to buy new products as quickly and save yourself a few pence!

Are you concious of expiry dates? Are you going to start being a ‘back-shelfer’?

Nine Grand and Counting Podcast – Episode 1: The art of food shopping

  • The first Nine Grand and Counting Podcast is here!
  • Food shopping is the largest area of a University student’s spending so I speak to 3 students about topics such as switching to Aldi, meal planning and food waste.
  • Find out a few tips and tricks to save a few pennies on your next supermarket shop.

Have you wondered where most of your student loan is going? Well, it’s probably mostly on food! Obviously we students need to eat but are you making your money go far enough? Have you thought about switching to a more budget friendly supermarket or trying the supermarket own-brand basic ranges? Do you feel like you have no clue what you need when you go shopping?

I find out how 3 university students go about saving money when they shop including why one is reluctant to step into Aldi, why you should start meal planning and why food waste is such a sin!

Comment below what you thought about the first Nine Grand and Counting Podcast and let us know any tips you have to save money on your shop!

Tip Tuesday: Getting help with health costs from the NHS

  • The HC2 certificate provided by the NHS entitles you to help with your health costs if you are struggling
  • It entitles you to free prescriptions, dental treatment, sight tests and more

IHC2 certificate close-upt may seem like a bit of a boring tip this week but so things like prescriptions and dental treatments do not come cheap! Especially when you get ill whilst at university and you need prescriptions which cost £8.05 a time or when you need dental treatment which can be pretty pricey. So if you are struggling to pay for your health costs as a student you may be entitled to help with health costs through a HC2 certificate.

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Loyalty Card Love: 5 of the best

  • There are so many loyalty cards out there but which ones are giving you the best deal?
  • Find out more about cards such as the Tesco Clubcard, Boots Advantage Card and the Nando’s Card.

Boots Advantage Card and Tesco ClubcardMost students will be talking about how skint they are at this point in the semester. So when you just have to spend money, why not be rewarded for it? We all love rewards right? Here’s a few loyalty cards you might want to consider keeping to hand.

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Tip Tuesday: Getting freebies from your favourite brands!

  • Find out how to get freebies from your favourite brands using freebie websites and Facebook
  • From skincare and beauty to food, household products and stationery – what could you get your hands on?

beauty samplesWho doesn’t love a freebie? Often brands have giveaways or competitions where you can be sent sample size (or sometimes full size!) products. Whether it’s food, beauty or stationery,  it’s a great way to try new products before you buy them. Also, the sample sizes come in handy for travelling or using up instead of spending your money! Continue Reading

Tip Tuesday: Keeping organised using free printables.

  • Printable organisation pages are a great way to stay organised on a budget!
  • See a few options such as monthly calendars, weekly planners and meal planners.

Part of a student’s goals is to stay organised and often for me, going into places like Paperchase is a recipe for disaster. There’s all those weekly planner and to-do list pads that I feel will keep me organised  but lets face it a) they’re not cheap and b) they’ll probably end up in a drawer and forgotten about. But, if you prefer to write things down and you find using a notebook uninspiring and not organised enough then there is a free solution.

There are plenty of printable resources online for you to try rather than wasting money on something you may not use! Use monthly calendars to track deadlines, to do lists for the day and perhaps even weekly planners to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Here’s a few great ones:
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