Nine Grand and Counting Podcast – Episode 1: The art of food shopping

  • The first Nine Grand and Counting Podcast is here!
  • Food shopping is the largest area of a University student’s spending so I speak to 3 students about topics such as switching to Aldi, meal planning and food waste.
  • Find out a few tips and tricks to save a few pennies on your next supermarket shop.

Have you wondered where most of your student loan is going? Well, it’s probably mostly on food! Obviously we students need to eat but are you making your money go far enough? Have you thought about switching to a more budget friendly supermarket or trying the supermarket own-brand basic ranges? Do you feel like you have no clue what you need when you go shopping?

I find out how 3 university students go about saving money when they shop including why one is reluctant to step into Aldi, why you should start meal planning and why food waste is such a sin!

Comment below what you thought about the first Nine Grand and Counting Podcast and let us know any tips you have to save money on your shop!


Loyalty Card Love: 5 of the best

  • There are so many loyalty cards out there but which ones are giving you the best deal?
  • Find out more about cards such as the Tesco Clubcard, Boots Advantage Card and the Nando’s Card.

Boots Advantage Card and Tesco ClubcardMost students will be talking about how skint they are at this point in the semester. So when you just have to spend money, why not be rewarded for it? We all love rewards right? Here’s a few loyalty cards you might want to consider keeping to hand.

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Cheap ways to spend a day: Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire

  • Getting away doesn’t need to cost a fortune!
  • Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire which is protected by the National Trust is a great, free place to explore.

Ashridge Estate Information FlyerA few weeks ago when my partner suggested travelling to a National Trust estate to go walking, I couldn’t think of anything worse. Me? Walking? Mud? No thank you. But, after a while he persuaded me as I really wanted to get out of the house. Plus, any ideas I would have would involve me going shopping then feeling guilty for splurging…

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Welcome to nine grand and counting!

Lets face it, being in charge of money when you move into the big wide world of university can be daunting. How can you manage your rent, bills, food and so on whilst still having a social life, looking good and feeling great? Nine grand and counting is a university student run blog for university students which will contain tips, tricks and articles to help you out when it comes to the world of managing your money and budgeting.

Stay tuned for content regarding topics such as health and fitness, food, lifestyle and fashion (but with the smaller price tag of course!)