Loyalty Card Love: 5 of the best

  • There are so many loyalty cards out there but which ones are giving you the best deal?
  • Find out more about cards such as the Tesco Clubcard, Boots Advantage Card and the Nando’s Card.

Boots Advantage Card and Tesco ClubcardMost students will be talking about how skint they are at this point in the semester. So when you just have to spend money, why not be rewarded for it? We all love rewards right? Here’s a few loyalty cards you might want to consider keeping to hand.

Tesco Clubcard

If you shop at Tesco get a clubcard and scan it every time you shop. Once you earn 150 points you’ll receive vouchers which you can sue for money off in store or you can ‘boost’ them to use at restaurants, theme parks, money off brands and so on!

Boots Advantage Card

A girls favourite card. This gives you 4 points to every pound you spend in store along side an app which has tailor made offers for you. Simply load the offer onto your card and when you buy the product the offer is on you’ll get your reward. Also you will be sent vouchers to your door every few months such as double points or money off certain products. Perfect if you’re a beauty  or if you just need to pick up a few bits and pieces now and then. Once you’ve saved up your points you can use them like cash to treat yourself!


Well, every student loves a Nando’s right? The old paper stamp cards have gone (just in case you’ve been living under a rock) and have been replaced with a shiny new card. Spend £7 to get a ‘chilli’ and every 3 you get a reward.

Nectar CardNectar Card and Nando's Card

With a nectar card you can collect points when you shop online as well as when you shop in store at places such as Sainsbury’s. Once you hit 500 points you’ll be able to redeem them at places like Cafe Nero, Eurostar, Argos and Pizza Express.

Waterstone’s Card

Now, generally we recommend buying second hand books and trying places like Amazon but if you have to splash the cash on new books you may want a Waterstone’s card. You’ll get 3 points for every pound you spend  which you use to spend on more course books or something to treat yourself!

What are your favourite loyalty cards? Comment below!


One thought on “Loyalty Card Love: 5 of the best

  1. I love the Odeon Premiere card!!


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