Tip Tuesday: Keeping organised using free printables.

  • Printable organisation pages are a great way to stay organised on a budget!
  • See a few options such as monthly calendars, weekly planners and meal planners.

Part of a student’s goals is to stay organised and often for me, going into places like Paperchase is a recipe for disaster. There’s all those weekly planner and to-do list pads that I feel will keep me organised  but lets face it a) they’re not cheap and b) they’ll probably end up in a drawer and forgotten about. But, if you prefer to write things down and you find using a notebook uninspiring and not organised enough then there is a free solution.

There are plenty of printable resources online for you to try rather than wasting money on something you may not use! Use monthly calendars to track deadlines, to do lists for the day and perhaps even weekly planners to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Here’s a few great ones:
Printable pages numbered previews

1) 2015 printable calendar pages by www.landeeseelandeedo.com – my favourite calendar to allow me to see my upcoming deadlines!

2) A whole heap of different layout planners by scatteredsquirrel.com

3) Goals for the week by janalaurene.com

4) Cleaning schedule by todayscreativeblog.net (great for organising you and your house mates – use different coloured pens for each person or give each person a day)

Printable pages numbered preview 2

5) Some great resources including day and week planners by InkTreePress.com

6) Meal planner by www.jannybean.ca

7) At a glance weekly planner by hellocuteness.com

8) Spending tracker by www.atypicalenglishhome.com

Don’t forget to follow the instructions by the creators of these and a big thank you to them for producing them! For more resources like these Pinterest is the best place to have a search!

What do you think of these organisation printables? Comment below!


One thought on “Tip Tuesday: Keeping organised using free printables.

  1. Isobelle Clarke

    I spend so much money on notepads and diaries and never seem to use them. Technology is the way forward!
    Thank you for the advice. Can”t wait for your next post!


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