Tip Tuesday: Are you checking expiry dates when you shop?

  • Are you wary of the expiry dates on food when you shop?
  • Are you making sure you’re selecting things that will last the longest and save you money?

Don’t you just hate it when you find that some of your groceries have gone off quicker than expected? Then you realise you bought something that went out of date the day after. The question is, are you checking the expiry dates on items when you buy?

Something my mum always taught me to do when food shopping was to pick items from the back of the shelf for longer expiry dates as the newer stock is put to the back. It may look a bit weird when I go shopping and I’m rummaging through packs of vegetables or the bread but when you’re budgeting, it really helps to make sure food isn’t going to waste because it’s gone off. I was thinking about this the other day when I was shopping and wondered if anyone else did and remembered a post by A Thrifty Mrs on the topic¬†which she calls ‘back-shelfing. What I didn’t think about was picking beauty products from the back as well – the ones from the front are likely to have been used a few times so save yourself having to buy new products as quickly and save yourself a few pence!

Are you concious of expiry dates? Are you going to start being a ‘back-shelfer’?