Cheap ways to spend a day: Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire

  • Getting away doesn’t need to cost a fortune!
  • Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire which is protected by the National Trust is a great, free place to explore.

Ashridge Estate Information FlyerA few weeks ago when my partner suggested travelling to a National Trust estate to go walking, I couldn’t think of anything worse. Me? Walking? Mud? No thank you. But, after a while he persuaded me as I really wanted to get out of the house. Plus, any ideas I would have would involve me going shopping then feeling guilty for splurging…

Bridgewater monument imageSo, I pulled on my wellies and wrapped up warm to journey to Ashridge Estate which is a vast area of of the Chiltern Hills in Hertfordshire. Ashridge covers a few different areas but we ended up at the visitor centre and the Bridgewater Monument area. There were various walking trails and routes so we decided to explore the forest. To my surprise I really enjoyed it, we climbed over logs, marvelled at the huge trees, got muddy, and admired the views as the sun set.


I know it sounds cheesy but it was nice to escape the University area, turn my phone off and just relax. Also, I have to say it was a good workout and all the walking made me sleep like a log (pun intended). Oh, and let’s not forget it was free. I would highly recommend looking for your nearest National Trust site and going exploring, it’s great if you’re a bit stressed out from university work and you feel you need to just escape for a few hours!walking in the woods at ashridge


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