Tip Tuesday: Are you taking advantage of Amazon Student?

  • Amazon Student entitles students to discounts including free one day delivery!
  • All you need is to sign up using your student email address.

IAmazon logof you haven’t heard already, if you’re a university student with an amazon account and a university email address ending in ac.uk then you qualify for Amazon Student. This service will be free to you for 6 months and after this, you can get 50% off an Amazon Prime subscription.

So what do I get with Amazon Student?

  • You get free one day delivery on items with the Amazon Prime logo meaning no more waiting ages (often if you order by a certain time you’ll get it the next day!)
  • If you’re not going to be in, you can send your package to Amazon locker free of charge (this usually costs £1.99)
  • You’ll get discounts on any other delivery options
  • Plus student offers and promotions will be sent to you by email

After the 6 months are up, if you don’t cancel your subscription it will turn into an Amazon Prime subscription which costs £39 a year which is half the normal price. If you don’t want it to continue, all you need to do is go to ‘manage your prime subscription’ under ‘my account’ and change your settings. Your Amazon Student account will still run until the end of the 6 months so you can cancel at anytime – so if you shop at Amazon a lot then why not make the most of it!

You can sign up for Amazon Student here.



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