8 ways to get fit without spending a penny.

  • Getting fit doesn’t have to be boring or expensive
  • Get fit at home using YouTube, doing your chores and changing how you travel.
  • Look out for freebies and don’t forget to get your friends involved!

Let’s face it being a student isn’t always very healthy. The diet of kebabs and vodka shots combined with the exercise of
dancing in the club isn’t doing your fitness levels much good. But we can’t all afford to pay £200 for a gym membership in Fresher’s week which, let’s be honest, we will use twice at the beginning of term. But fear not! Here is a list of ways even the laziest of students can get fit without spending a penny:

Fitness video and trainers1) YouTube

YouTube has a ton of fitness videos whether you’re looking for cardio, aerobics or fitness advice. Have a search through and create a playlist of your favourite videos to create a routine for yourself. If you fancy getting fit with friends why not find some fitness DVD’s on there- anyone remember this classic Continue Reading