Tip Tuesday: Getting help with health costs from the NHS

  • The HC2 certificate provided by the NHS entitles you to help with your health costs if you are struggling
  • It entitles you to free prescriptions, dental treatment, sight tests and more

IHC2 certificate close-upt may seem like a bit of a boring tip this week but so things like prescriptions and dental treatments do not come cheap! Especially when you get ill whilst at university and you need prescriptions which cost £8.05 a time or when you need dental treatment which can be pretty pricey. So if you are struggling to pay for your health costs as a student you may be entitled to help with health costs through a HC2 certificate.

All you need to do is fill out a HC1 form which you can usually find in your local medical centre or you can request one here. Just follow the sections and make sure you have a copy of your financial assessment for your student loan to send off. If you qualify, you’ll then receive a HC2 certificate which when you show it you are entitled to:

  • Free NHS prescriptions
  • Free NHS dental treatment
  • Free NHS sight tests
  • The full value of a voucher towards the cost of glasses and contact lenses
  • Free NHS wigs and fabric supports
  • Refund of necessary costs to receive NHS treatment

Just make sure you renew it before it runs out by filling out another form!

Did you know about the HC2 certificate? Let us know!


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