Shop your closet and save yourself some money!

  • Before buying new clothes start with your own closet!
  • Have a clear out and think about what you’re keepingĀ and what you can do with it.

One for the ladies today! (That’s not to say guys can’t learn a few tips here too!) If you’re anything like me you just love to shop and your wardrobe is filled to the brim with clothes yet you can’t ever find anything to wear. Here’s a few ways to maximise what you have in your closet and to avoid wasting your cash on clothes.

1) Sort through your wardrobe.

Make three piles – things to keep, things to sell/donate and things to throw away. Be honest! Think about when the last time you wore the items was, if you can’t remember then it’s not worth keeping. Think about:

  • Whether an item is in good condition
  • If it goes with other items you have (what combinations can you make)
  • Does it fit
  • Does it make you feel good and is it comfortable

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